Jam 2008-08-12 at Carroll’s

Clouds on the way into Deadstein 8-12-2008

Clouds on the way into Deadstein 8-12-2008

Well it is a beautiful Tuesday here in the NY metropolitan area.  It’s mid-August yet the air is relatively cool and comfortable.  It makes for a beautiful evening of Deadstein.  On the way into the city traveling east was a beautiful billowing cumulus cloud floating effortlessly over the eastern landscape.
This is now about the 3rd week of Deadstein blogging in the modern style and it looks like we may be developing a foundation as this system unfolds before our very eyes.  We have had Alan from August West check in and now Dean Loomis of Grateful Dead video taping days making his presence known.   So welcome one and all and good to hear from you.
Rags lapping up Larry's acoustic playing.

Rags lapping up Larry's acoustic playing.

It’s 5:25 August 12, 2008, the night of the jam and I am sitting in my living room listening to Dennis, the Piano Tuner, methodically tune my new piano.  I am psyched, but it seems as if this will never end.  I like to leave by 6:30 but he’s only up to middle C and now the keys have 3 strings per key to tune.

It’s pretty cool in that he has a cool tuner built into his PDA that strobes out the whole thing as he tunes and even over adjusts the tuning of the earlier strings to compensate for the stretching and increased pressures that will occur as it gets tuned.  In any case, I may be a few minutes late waiting for the piano to get tuned.  Can’t wait to play some Grateful Dead though.

Rich checking out something on 8-12-2008

Rich checking out something on 8-12-2008

I have just begun adding individual pages for each member and it allows me to assign you as an author of the page, so when you are logged in you should be able to go to your dash board and edit the Page with your name.  This was you could add commentary, pictures, links to mp3s and/or YouTube videos.  So go ahead and edit you own pages.  I see Kevin has not signed up yet to so of course he will have to first sign up prior to being able to edit his own page.  If any one needs help please let me know.

Oh well, the piano tuner just broke a string at 5:58, he’s replacing it but it seems like this is a 25 minute tangent.  At least Kathy is home and I can leave her with the piano tuner.

And now, back to the freakiness.

Larry Loves his Coke

Larry Loves his Coke

Well here at half time of Deadstein, Kevin’s on the phone, Scott’s getting sweets, even Rich hit up the vending machine and I’m posting for the first time ever halftime at Deadstein.  We had a a really hot and solid first set with Jason on lead guitar.  We opened with the Cold Rain and closed with the Music and lots of stuff in between.  There were lots of great moments, very tight tonight we are playing within ourselves, despite ourselves.  Like some of us are playing for our lives.  What else is there to play for?

Before the jam, Chris the manager and his buddy came in for a “hello” to see that everything is OK.  We have the Silver-face twins and not the reissues, but what are you gonna do.  Jason doesn’t have any effects so he’s limiting us in the song selection.  As far as I know, the Piano tuner is still at my house.  Well it’s back to the second set.

Kevin dialing in the sounds 8-12-2008
Kevin dialing in the sounds 8-12-2008

I made it home right at 1:00 and the Piano tuner just left.  Actually he left at 8:14.  That means he was at my house for 4 hours for $95 delivered.  I think I got him at buy.com. Dennis Long is the guy if anyone wants to use his services.  I gave him a $25 tip considering this $95 I paid comes with a free tune up over the next several weeks.

Scott Bayer showed up for the second set and really seemed to be digging us.  He also broadcast us lived from Hell’s Kitchen to his friend Carol over the cellular network.

The wires looked like a murder crime scene on the ground

The wires looked like a murder crime scene on the ground

It turned out to be a pretty tight night.  Jason broke a string symbolically during the first Garband song of the night, Get Out of My Life Woman.  We started the second set with an Easy Wind and it was really good and we ended with the Lovelight which was Okay.  Lots of Good stuff in there including a Dark Star -> Uncle John –> Dark Star –> I Need a Miracle.  There was also a moving Cumberland and a very spirited Tangled Up in Blue.  While singing the I need a Miracle I remember looking down on the ground and seeing a person in the Jason’s guitar cord on the ground.  I decided to take a picture of it so you can see for yourself if I am crazy or not.

Scott checking his microphone on 8-12-2008

Scott checking his microphone on 8-12-2008

Jason played lead for us on 8-12-2008

Jason played lead for us on 8-12-2008

Getting out of the elevator at Carroll's at the end of the night 8-12-2008

Getting out of the elevator at Carroll 8-12-2008

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jason
    Aug 13, 2008 @ 22:42:10

    Fun, fun, fun….

    I really had a good time last night. Thanks always for the invite! Must have been something in the munchkins!

  2. deadstein
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 01:36:41

    Yeah, I thought it was a nice night. I do appreciate the munchkins. Maybe it was the jelly. I doubt it though.

    Hey check out this youtube link below and this guy playing Weather Report Suite. After you see his Weather Report Suite check out some of his other renditions including great Led Zeppelin and Beatles, and much more. It’s very cool stuff.

  3. Brotpen
    Aug 16, 2008 @ 05:06:23

    The proof is in the pudding, and there’s some pretty good pudding including Cold Rain & Snow, Tom Thumbs Blues and a hot Beat It On Down The Line among other tidbits. You know the address:


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