Jam 2008-08-04 at Carroll’s

Kevin at 8-4-2008 jam

Kevin at 8-4-2008 jam

A monday night jam due to my meeting so thanks to everyone as usual for this monthly endulgence.  Who is in.  I just heard it’s Jason on lead tonight so it promises to be freaky. 

I’ve spent the weekend watching a filming Kathy and Scraps competing in agility trials all weekend long and I’m tired, but not too tired to jam and not too tired to create a new blog you should all check out.  It the Scraps & Rags K9 Blog and you can find it at http://scrapsrags.wordpress.com.  I have the YouTube upload of all 10 events he ran with Kathy.  It only takes about 10 minutes and is pretty impressive if you ask me.

Larry's Rack as of 8-4-2008

Larry's Rack as of 8-4-2008

It’s a beautiful Monday night in August and being Monday it was an easy ride in and out of the city.  In addition, parking was a leasure and rolling my new rack mount unit pays its dividend on 55th street. When you came into Carroll’s to see Deadstein listed on the monitor you saw our name right next to David Byrne’s name who was rehearsing in an adjacent studio.  We never saw him though.  

On my way in I called up Scott and asked him to pickup some Chinese food for me.  He was in the restaurant at that moment and spoke my order directly to the lady.  What timing. I got a chicken in garlic sauce.  There was too much sauce and it leaked all over the place.  It was quite the mess.

Now a few audio samples to listen to from this week’s jam:

 Now time for this weeks poll.

Jason posing ffor the camera on 8-4-2008

Jason posing ffor the camera on 8-4-2008

Scott preparing for the drumming aventure

Scott preparing for the drumming aventure

Rich, Maurice and Wife.

Rich, Maurice and Wife.

We all got there nice and early, relatively speaking.  As staed above, Jason was on lead and Scott, Rich, Kevin and I provided the foundation.  Rich’s friend Scott was there and we played lived from Hell’s Kitchen to Carol over the cellular network.  In addition, Rich’s old time friend Maurice and is lovely wife also joined in with us for several songs.  We played a lot and ended with the odd Minglewood.

Maurice and Rich shaking hands after 20 years

Maurice and Rich shaking hands after 20 years

Rich's friend Scott.  YOu can't make that stuff up.

Rich's friend Scott. YOu can't make that stuff up.

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jason
    Aug 06, 2008 @ 03:15:41

    It was a very fruitful evening! Thank you….
    I think we’ll need a nurse soon with B-12 shots on standby. Larry did an amazing take on both Mama Tried and Me & Bobby Mcgee.
    2 of my favorites!

  2. lgindoff
    Aug 06, 2008 @ 07:56:02

    Thanks Jason for the confidence boosters. I think we had something going. There was a whole bunch of good and wacky stuff like the back into Playing into Playing in the Band. Pretty tired tonight I had the night meeting that ended at 8:00 but I had to get home to meet the Piano movers.

    Rich, the piano is a W.P. Haines, made in the USA. It needs a tuning but it all works as far as I can tell. It even matches my dining room set which makes the Misses happy, but since the dinning room is in the living room with the TV, the Piano don’t make her so happy. Maybe I’ll have to get better at my lullabies.

    Have we decided on a day for next week? I want to do get Lazy Lightning eventually so start think, playing and listening.

  3. brotpen
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 09:25:12

    Set’s Up at http://www.deadstein.com/audio/08-04-08 or as they say, “the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Vocals”. In the words of Kevin, “…must…remember…..to breathe……”

  4. lgindoff
    Aug 09, 2008 @ 05:41:07

    I just listen to the China Cat and for the record, and as much as a reminder to myself; the end of the leaad in the China Cat, after it modulates to B major ends B – A – D. Deadstein and the book has always played it B – A -B. It ends with D not B

  5. brotpen
    Aug 09, 2008 @ 06:01:30

    To continue The Gind’s point, it makes sense to have a “D” in that spot as the “V” leading to the “I” which would be “G” thus modulating back to “G”. Synchronize your lead sheets.

  6. lgindoff
    Aug 11, 2008 @ 00:33:06

    Speaking of China Cat, for anyone who missed the opening ceremonies for the 2008 olympics, NBC started it’s entire coverage of the entire olympics with a 10 minute stupid video essay on the “olympic spirit” then they went into a discussion of the coming out of China as a nation with these olympics etc. but the cool thing about it was they played China Cat Sunflower as background music to this expose on China. They didn’t mention the fact it was China Cat, it was only for those who are “kind” that would realize the connection between the story and the music. Pretty hip stuff by someone at NBC. We must have a spy in their midst.

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